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Education is not restricted to the classroom. We also engage with the broader community through workshops and schools. We have been active in hosting the Fundamentals of Quantum Materials school on materials synthesis and crystal growth. We also work with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to co-organize a school on solving magnetic order in crystalline materials through neutron diffraction analysis. Finally, learning how to perform science means necessarily engaging in research, so if you are an undergraduate student interested in working in our laboratory, please contact Dr. Rodriguez directly.


In the classroom, Dr. Rodriguez teaches Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM401), Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM601 and CHEM602), General Chemistry for the Majors (CHEM146), and General Chemistry II for the Nonmajors (CHEM271). In addition to chemistry-focused courses, Dr. Rodriguez also teaches on scientific presentations, ethics in the scientific conduct of research, and technical writing in the courses CHEM611 and CHEM612.

Some videos for learning on crystal growth, group theory, and scattering theory

Learning Resources

Chemtube - Useful website that demonstrates the molecular orbitals of various organic and inorganic molecules.

Otterbein Symmetry - Resource that displays the symmetry properties of various types of molecules using 3D animations.

Chemistry LibreTexts - Online database that host articles written by professor on all topics of chemistry. It's like a free chemistry textbook!

University of Cambridge Tutorials - Website that host various interactive mini-lectures about material science. 

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